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June 11, 2009
  • Jedi56

    Up to this point there have been lots of deaths of Lost characters, some I have agree with and some I have not.

    I like the way Sayid died, it was a redemption act on his part, but I did not like the way that Jin and Sun died. After two seasons apart, their reunion was short and not sweet. I understand if the writers thought that them dying together was bittersweet, but to me it was lame. If the writers were going to kill of Jin and Sun it should of been more heroic, the way that Sayid died. Them drowning together was a waste, it was a cheap copy of how Charlie died, which was better because it was a heroic act of Charlie part and sad one as well.

    If Richard is dead, then his death was also cheap. After his great episode 'Ab Aeterno' I though…

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  • Jedi56

    MIB took on the form of John Locke who he could get Ben to kill Jacob. I have like Terry O'Quinn as Locke but not really as the MIB. I would of like it if the producers would of gone with Titus Welliver to play MIB though out the final season.

    How about all of you, who is your favorite actor as MIB? Is it Titus Welliver or Terry O'Quinn?

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  • Jedi56

    This Sunday 'Lost' will come to an end and like most shows of 'Lost' status the series finale will be talked about for years to come. There have been shows that have ruined their series finale because they go for greatest instead of ending the series in the best possible way.

    The best example of that is 'The Sopranos' I like many others thought that my cable went out but then I realized that is how the show ended. Most fans and critics hated it and most thought that it was brilliant, but to me it was not because it was cheap. A show like "The Sopranos" should never end like that because you should not let the fans guessing what happen. I wanted to know if Tony got wacked? yes or no?

    Other examples include 'Roseanne', and of course 'St Elsewh…

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  • Jedi56

    Claire's Friend

    March 8, 2010 by Jedi56

    In 'Lighthouse' when Jin asked Claire how was she sure that the Others had Aaron, Claire responed by saying that she was sure because 'first my father told me and then my friend told me'. In the end of the episode MIB walks in and Jin thinks it's Locke but Claire says 'that's not John, this is my friend.'

    My question is in what form was MIB showing himself to Claire as her friend? It could not of been in the form of Christian because she referred to them as two different people, 'my father and my friend.' And it could not of been in the form of Locke, because MIB could not take the form of Locke until his body came back to the island. My guess is that MIB was in the form of actor Titus Welliver.

    What do all of you think? Any thoughts?

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  • Jedi56

    Jack -The Recruit

    March 5, 2010 by Jedi56

    Remember when Ilana told Ben in "The Subsitute" that MIB was recruting and that is excatly what he has done. He recruited Sawyer, Sayid and the others from the temple. And he did try to recruit Richard. So, is Jack the ultimate recruit for MIB?

    Last week episode "Lighthouse" Jacob told Hurley that Jack was there to do something and that Jack is important, and I think that MIB may know that Jack is important to the island and that is why he wants Jack to enjoy him above all the rest.

    So, is Jack the one recruit that MIB really wants? Or will Jack be just another recruit or does MIB want Jack at all? Any thoughts?

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