• Jclark000

    Unified Theory

    May 23, 2010 by Jclark000

    An open invitation to post unified theories!

    I've given up on having a page for this, as it was, eh, balked at by the masses (well, two of them, anyway). So I've given in to the request to piddle off, and will drop my post here in a likely vain hope that at least someone will interact with me. Woe 'as me ;)

    Here was my original article, now infamously listed amongst a mere handful of other deleted pages (was it really that bad?):

    Ahem, unified theories wanted.

    Unified theories are coherent, over-arching impressions of the story theme and plot of Lost. Theories should be concise, cite examples or clips when possible, and avoid excessive repetition. Only add an entry to a particular section if it applies to your complete theory - not all sections …

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