what if jacob ultimately wants to free his brother of being the smoke, and be reunited with him in the afterlife, or whatever they have?

Jbd1234 May 21, 2010 User blog:Jbd1234

i was thinking earlier this season, and again in "what they died for"---what if jacob is doing all this just so he can move on to whatever is after life and ghost-life and be with reunited with his true brother, minus the darkness? it seems somewhat possible---i mean, fakemother seems to have raised jacob and brother so she can have a replacement, i figure thats why she told mib "thank you" after he stabbed her, and why she told him that she didnt take him to the source because she loves him---a friend of mine was always really looking for that dream/vision that locke had in the sweat lodge to mean something big, particularly when boone (i think boone) says something about bringing the family back together----any thoughts?

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