or something like that is what the sign says outside the concert hall where jack goes to see david play in the earlier episode this season, after david is not in his room and jack looks everywhere to find him---i thought it meant something at the time, being that jacks and dogens sons were there, farrada played music as a kid, and then we saw farraday as a pro musician instead of a physicist, and was convinced they will bring that together somehow---and now its looking like desmond is getting everyone together to go to a concert, presumably the same one david will play in---and i think (could be wrong) that miles and sawyer are going to a concert, along with charlotte, so so far we have jack, sawyer, kate, hugo, charlotte, miles, farraday, desmond, sayid, claire probably, all going to this concert---does boone play music that we know of? or anyone else, like helen or bernard or anyone? what do you all think is going to happen there? maybe claire goes into labor? maybe walt pops up?

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