after all that, they trick us into thinking that the end was going to have some intelligent "answer" of sorts that incorporates what we know about time, space, morality, philosophy, life, death, science, religion, and the universe----they give us cryptic foreshadowing through objects, dialogue, and symbolism, hopefully of something meaningful that we havent seen or heard before, and is based on/played off of things we know and/or accept to be true in the world, as well as those up for debate---they give us conspiracy theories and mysteries with multiple logical conclusions that all contradict eachother in a well-orchestrated 5.95 season show----and yes, i understand that its jacks point of view, but the other characters in fst (i hate that name for it, oh, how clever, there is no time there, so its not a flashback or flashforward) have feelings and emotions, so if the fst is only jacks point of view, then that is just silly and overdone and a copout, and if it really is everyone's fst, then:

even though it is timeless, so there was no real wait (reminds me of the southpark episode with the dead celebrities who were waiting in a limbo airplane for mj to accept that he was dead), it still came down to everybody's souls being allowed to pass on to eternal bliss when a man named christian shephard's only son (that we know of) accepted his fate, meaning death, a selfless sacrifice to better the lives of everyone and eventually save the world from something or someone who's true motives are not quite known or understood

i mean, i thought it was well done, i can remember some episodes throughout the show that gained a deeper meaning with the very end of the show (like when jack goes to thailand), i like how each of the survivors went on the same spiritual journey as jack did, finally accepting their own deaths to finally better other people's lives instead of being selfish like before the island (sun and jin i would think are the best example of that), and some failing like michael, but, i mean, just, after all that, THATS how it ENDS---i mean, i wanted an original, unprecedented, state-of-the-art piece of literature, not a recycled allegory of some faith mumbojumbo

sorry, still love the show, still great, its not even that i necessarily dislike the ending, but its just, kind of a huge letdown

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