the pilot was aired on sept 22, 2004, which was also the date of flight 815---ive always thought it would be pretty cool if they throw in one more time skip of some sort (even though i think they said theyre not), land on the date of the finale, which would be may 23, 2010---this would be able to let them incorporate walt, age and time appropriately, and let the show end on the date we are watching it, like it started---and if they made the end-of-days come, screen goes black for maybe 10-15 seconds, and the last thing we see is the oceanic logo, camera panning out to people (nobody we know, or maybe people we know's children) all waiting in line for their tickets at an oceanic booth at the airport, and then a multi-colored lost logo to end the series, with the segway before the end implying that oceanic was up to something all along

dont know the point of this post, just excited about the episode tonight, and figured id share something i thought of a couple years ago, that i didnt and still dont think will happen----but, that would be pretty bad-ass

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