jacob said that he wanted them to have a choice, the choice he never had, when deciding who would protect the source, and for locke that would not have been a choice----thats why jacob needed a man of science to become a man of faith, because it has to be his own choice (not jacob's choice), on top of the fact that jacob learned that acting solely on faith can have terrible consequences, so he needed somebody with a good balance of science and faith---if you remember the scene with richard and jacob, jacob says that he does not like to interfere with people's immediate decisions, because then it is not a decision at all, much like he wants people to have true faith, not inherited, blind faith---i have been making a kingdom of heaven corralation to lost recently, mainly the part where the leper king tells orlando bloom that it is every mans right to refuse anybody, even a king, because his decisions are what makes him a man, and on the same hand, that man must form his own relationship with god, because (as an example) the head templar knight that told his knights to wipe out muslim villages so god will grant him salvation upon death is speaking for himself, not god, and has no bearing on god's judgement of that man, it is his duty as a man to imply his own learned morality to a situation, where jacob failed, having taken his "mother's" word as his only guide to faith and morality, instead of being the scholarly, stoic man that he eventally became after years and years of solitude

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