like always, ben, im 3 steps ahead of you

Jbd1234 May 19, 2010 User blog:Jbd1234

when was widmore EVER 3 steps ahead of ben? oh, i guess he must be referring to when ben got him banished from the island---or maybe when ben blew up his freighter and killed the mercenaries---or maybe when ben snuck into his suite---or maybe when ben went to kill penny and chose not to because her son was there---anyways, could that be foreshadowing that NOBODY IS EVER any steps ahead of ben, not even mib? also, when ben said he doesnt get a chance to save his daughter---he really emphasized the HE and the HIM as if ben didnt get a chance to save his daughter, but i thought keamy told him to come out and he wouldnt shoot her---oh well

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