we havent seen much about her or jin in season 6----

she is not married to jin in this one (we assume), she has been slowly revealed through the series that she is intelligent, cunning, tactical, and deceitful

nobody cons sawyer, NOBODY--i dont even think the smoke monster will be able to continue his charade much longer

so originally, in season 1, why didnt sawyer pick up on the fact that sun speaks english? i could be wrong here, but i seem to remember the camera making a point to show the surprise on sawyer's face when sun first spoke up

she is good, is all im saying---she has pulled fast ones on the best--sawyer, her dad, jin's mom (don't know why i say she's the best, but i would assume she is a somewhat succesful con artist---she got a fisherman to raise a son that might or might not be his)---couldnt get widmore, but she didnt seem to want to---she was talking on the phone to her own daughter, seconds before pulling a gun on ben while aaron was in the back seat of the nearby car, so she clearly has disregarded the innocence of a child---so why cant she be up to something now? all along?

not saying its gonna be true, just exploring

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