i want horace to come back

Jbd1234 May 19, 2010 User blog:Jbd1234

i have had this theory for a while, that involves horace, dharma, ben, smokemonster, locke, eloise, jacob---its that ben has been working for, and trying to work past, the smokemonster for a long time---basically, horace is a mathematician for dharma---physicists try to explain the world with math (science v faith)----horace built a cabin that moves around the island in a similar fashion to the island moving to different parts of the world (we assume)---eloise said a very clever fellow developed the pendulum to determine where the island is going to be---horace is a clever fellow, a little bright-eyed, but clever---dharma is science, smokemonster is man of science---dharma and smoke both wanted to tap into electromagnetism---dharma and others were enemies, jacob and brother are enemies of a sort---smoke monster can be summoned from the old dharma barracks, presumably horace's house (if ben, as the leader, took horace, the old leader's house)---ben went to "jacobs cabin" to get instructions, but jacob lived in the statue----ben has been known to be a mole---ben has been known to admit to one lie to cover up another---just because locke asked ben if he was talking to nobody and putting on a show, and ben unconvincingly confirmed, kept about his business, then shot locke because locke had talked to someone---IF ben was taking orders from mib the whole time, locke could now blow the lid off his lies, so he shoots him and leaves him in ditch with dharma---also, someone in that cabin talked to locke, and jacob doesnt live there, so who else? and mib eventually took over locke's body, hence "help me!" i dont know, just something ive been waiting to be explained or at least implied for a while, and only one episode left---but last night's (what they died for) seemed to give a little support for that ("until i realized he was the one summoning me")

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