i mean, hitler, stalin, polpot, and idi amin were cute little kids at one point too---what would actually make brother turn evil in the cave and why? not everything needs to be answered, but there was no real reason---jacob said he was responsible, but jacob doesnt know everything, and that could just mean responsible for giving him the power he has---was that like a star wars dark side thing? like the strong emotions that he carried were what the evil inside him used to manifest itself, like annakin (remember hurley's quote earlier this season)? but the point is: people keep saying that he wasnt that bad originally, but he didnt even care that all the people in his village died, except for the fact that he didnt have anyone to help him dig, and that his game was charred---then jacob threw him into the source---so was he always evil and selfish, and that is why he used the same people that he hated for their being manipulative, or was he just too hurt to mourn his "loss," and the fact that the last person he loved betrayed him (jacob)made the evil thats inside everyone manifeste itself? i guess it doesnt matter cuz the show is done, but i kind of find it interesting that the black smoke from the fire was what made him run to his fellow villagers, and then he became black smoke after the waterfall

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