im not completely sure i understand, i definitely need to rewatch like i always do

ok,i was a little disappointed when i first watched---through the whole show, i have really taken to what seems to me to be the moral and spiritual standpoint of the show, on the universe and on morals and culture and human nature---the island, especially flight 815, is full of people from different backgrounds with different religious, moral and cultural ideals, people from different social status, people with contradictory views on life, and they must find a way to bond together in the time of crisis, putting their learned morals and pre-set ways aside to do what is right, hence the tabula rasa---and the show uses allusions to different dogmatic ideals and different points of history, almost implying that all these religions and ways of life in the world are different cultures' different ways of explaining the same thing, the universe, life and death, etc, and that regardless of who is right or wrong (as far as religion and good v evil, science v faith, etc), all these things are real because they are prevalent in the lives of people the world over (south park: imaginationland), but we all go to the same place eventually, and life is a spiritual journey to get there---so, sorry about the rant and back to the disappointment---cmon, after all that, we see them go to "heaven" or whatever, together, when a man named christian shepherd's son has finished his spiritual journey to accept his fate, that fate being his death as a martyr to save all mankind, starting with his friends? hmmm---but, then i was thinking, ok, what that i saw is real, and whats imaginary, and whats "limbo?" after a beer or 2 and some thought, i came to this conclusion (and i did not watch the jimmy kimmell special yet, i would assume they at least had some insight into this, but its still network tv propaganda so i want my own answer before i watch his)---

the whole show was not only jack's spiritual journey, but everyone's that we've seen---if christian told jack that all his friends died, everything dies (like smokemonster told jacob), but some died before jack, some died later, and unlike life, death is timeless, which is why they all looked like they did when jack knew them (baby aaron) when they were at the church (same church as eloise's? ), because its jacks journey, and they are all souls without bodies at that point---each character died, for the most part, after accepting their own fate, choosing to accept death to make multiple lives better, whereas before the island, most of these people put themselves before anybody else (jin became a thug just so he could be with sun, sun cheated on jin just to prove to herself that she still loved him and as a result her boyfriend killed himself, sayid sawyer kate obvious, jack just wanted to save people to prove to his dad he has what it takes, etc), and therefore accepted their death and passed on, unlike michael who never learned until he took his own life and is now stuck on the island as a "lost" soul---his last dying sight, after being stabbed by smokelocke, was the ajira plane flying away from the island, with lapidus and whoever else was there with him leaving the island, as there is no jacob to bring them back---so, each character had their own spiritual growth, just like jack's, that ended with them joining everyone else in a place that transcends time, and going on to whatever is next---hence, lost, as it stood throughout the series (i also loved how such a simple name to a show could carry so many meanings and analogies)

is that pretty sound? i really dont know what else to think, that works for me as of now---is that what you think? did i miss something? if so, was it something i missed, was it a misinterpretation, or do we just have different interpretations? like i said, originally liked but hated, then hated, then it grew on me, now i think i like it but im not sure if that is even a plausible interpretation or if i just missed it entirely---on a different note, i really liked how they went back to a lot of season 1 themes and motifs in the last episode, that was really cool

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