here we have what i think are lockes best moments not in any order

1.Locke being told that he can't go on the walkabout (this scene actually got me hooked on lost)

2.Locke meets "Jacob" in the cabin with Ben

3.Locke and Jack talking about destiny

4.Locke pounding on the glass panel of the hatch after Boone dies

5.After the crash Locke is able to walk that scene is amazing

6.Locke kills Naomi with knife in the back then Jack goes into a rage

7.Locke looks down on the others as he is there new leader "welcome home John"

8.In FST Locke tells Jack that he doesn't have a son

9. The whole scene involving Locke,Kate and an Orange

10.Locke walks into the others camp with his fathers body

now you may notice i have not put any scenes with MiB portraying Locke as i thought this was disrespectful to his memory

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