i would like it if they wake back up on the island and then i jumps to 30 years in the future and they are still living there nice and peaceful and everyone came back to life john juliet all the DI shannon boone tom bea marshall mikail ivan luke jason isabel ryan all the other others and all the passengers from 815 and 316 it would seem the best way to end it.

it would be pretty poor if they did land in LAX and everything was fine my first theory would be a better way of ending it

it would also be pretty cool if nothing happened and they were still in 1977 and Jack was completly wrong and they had to turn the wheel again

i think ben stabbing jacob will have serious repercussions i mean just cause he got stabbed and thrown into a fire does not mean he's dead he could channel his mind into his surrogate christian and it resets to days after the plane crash and jacob neaded a dead body just like his nemasis and thats why christians body dissapeared

please comment on what you think

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