Okay so we know that MiBs one weakness seems to be ash although he can cheat this see lax part 2

I would like lost to end like this

Jack is walking on the beach towards the four toed statue locke is standing there unable to move because he has a circle of ash around him but seeing as he is in his locke form jack says "morning locke" locke replies "morning jack, i wonder how long can you keep this up" "how long do you thing you will be here" jack answers Locke says "forever" "well then you've got your answer" "i will find a way out of this...this prison and when i do i will kill you just like i did the last time""always nice talking to you locke" "nice talking to you jack"

Jack walks away and sees juliet,kate,sawyer,hurley,sun,jin,boone,shannon,claire,charlie,ben,richard,sayid,aaron,desmond,walt,ana lucia,eko,libby,daniel,charlotte,frank,illana and michael all along setting up there new camp now knowing they were never supposed to leave the island the FST and the OT have merged together

They hear a loud buzzing noise and a plane falls out of the sky Jack looks at all of the characters and says "well here we go."

I did not include Nikki and Paulo as i did not feel they were central to the storyline every other character had something to give they did not they were pointless

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