i had an idea that when they were being transported back to the island on 316 Hurley Jack Kate And Sayid all went back to "77" because they would all play a part in detonating the hydrogen bomb like this

Jack: had the idea to detonate the hydrogen bomb so time could reset Sayid: helped ready the bomb and pulled out the platonniam core Kate: helped defend Jack as he went to drop the bomb down the shaft Hurley: Saved Jack and Sayid and basically made it all possible

Sun and Ben were transported to 2007 so that if anything went wrong they could open up another window that would allow them to come back to the right time 30 years in an exact time

Sawyer Juliet Daniel and miles were travelling through time so they could not help stumbling and integrating themselves into the DI so you can hardly blame them as they also played crucical parts in the plan so t could all be faith

its just something that was mulling over mind

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