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    July 31, 2010 by Jazza815

    here we have what i think are lockes best moments not in any order

    1.Locke being told that he can't go on the walkabout (this scene actually got me hooked on lost)

    2.Locke meets "Jacob" in the cabin with Ben

    3.Locke and Jack talking about destiny

    4.Locke pounding on the glass panel of the hatch after Boone dies

    5.After the crash Locke is able to walk that scene is amazing

    6.Locke kills Naomi with knife in the back then Jack goes into a rage

    7.Locke looks down on the others as he is there new leader "welcome home John"

    8.In FST Locke tells Jack that he doesn't have a son

    9. The whole scene involving Locke,Kate and an Orange

    10.Locke walks into the others camp with his fathers body

    now you may notice i have not put any scenes with MiB portraying Locke …

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    July 25, 2010 by Jazza815

    What do you think has been Jacks best scenes in your comments please name your top 10 mines are as follows

    1.Facing MiB and telling him he will kill him to show he is not mucking around anymore MiB's face is paralysed with anger at that moment

    2.After the island when Kate and Jack are together this line blew me away "But he's not here is he chose to stay im the one who's here im the one came back IM THE ONE THAT SAVED YOU"

    3.Jack has an epic fight with sawyer in the season 5 finale

    4.Jack gives his life to save the island him lying in the bamboo forest with vincent laying down beside him just like how it began

    5.Jack talks with John about destiny "There's no such thing as destiny"

    6.Jack meets MiB for the first time

    7.Jack trying desperat…

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    July 18, 2010 by Jazza815

    What do you think has been the best lost finale for me it has either been

    - Lost Season 3 "Throught the Looking Glass 1+2"

    - Lost Season 5 "The Incident 1+2"

    they have been my favourite endings to a season dont get me wrong im sure some of you will say "What about Season 6" i loved the 6th season ending but i just preferred the seasons 3+5 ones comment and tell emwhat you think and what has been your favourite finale

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    Jack is a man of faith....

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    hi guys i dont know whether this is a spoiler but lost has not truely ended on the complete box set season 1-6 there will be a 14 minute long video with ben hurley and there adventures on the island they may go off island to visit.......walt

    so you do have something to look forward to other than just rewatching the eps

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