• JasonExplosion

    Let's start off with what I see as a pretty massive plot hole.

    If MIB's fake-mother knocked him out in the well before he put the wheel in the wall, killed all of his people, filled the well and left him lying outside, how is the Frozen Donkey Wheel even possible, considering it was never put in the wall? Can we assume there are donkey wheels everywhere MIB's people found the electro-magnetic-magic-light-pockets? If this is the case, why didn't he just turn one of them and leave?

    Also, the smoke-monster explanation is a little frustrating. If there was ever going to be a time to tell us what the smoke actually is, Across The Sea was probably a good time. Hopefully we'll get an explanation of WHAT the smoke is, where it came from, how it came…

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  • JasonExplosion

    Had an interesting thought I'd like to share, and apologise if something similar has been posted already.

    We know there are two timelines going on. How this happened and why is still a mystery. Here's a theory..

    So let's say that there are not just two, but an infinite number of "timelines" existing. When a person makes a decision, the timelines split. For instance, I decide to have breakfast in the morning, which is Timeline X. Or, I decide NOT to have breakfast in the morning, which splits off from Timeline X into a new Timeline Y. And before anyone gets upset, just hear me out.

    Perhaps two of these infinite timelines managed to criss cross at the point of turbulence on Flight 815, literally due to massive electromagnetic interference (caus…

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  • JasonExplosion

    Hello, first blog post on Lostpedia, so forgive me if I repeat a theory that has been posted before.

    Is it possible, that with all of the mystery surrounding Christian Shephard and his relationship with the island, he had a similar role to Locke? I'm referring to Richard telling John that in order to save the island and bring the other losties back, he would have to die. Considering John in the coffin with Christian's shoes on the Ajira flight was supposed to mimic flight 815, is it possible that he was directly taking over the role Christian took? Both were dead upon landing on the island, and both are now seemingly roaming around at their own will, having a major influence on what happens on the island.

    It seems pretty obvious to me that C…

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