I was going through RayShepherdsShoes oscar nominations blog and i didn't see a category for most emotional scene or "tearjerker." First i figured I would just add one on to the end of my response but then I realized there are so many that it wouldn't do the category justice. I figured I'd share with you guys some of my favorite (underrated) moments that really got the waterworks going and see where this goes.

Season 1:

Sawyer revealing to Jack he met Christian in a bar

The end of Deus Ex Machina

Season 2:

When the talies Sawyer Michael and Jin finally return: Jin is reunited with sun and bernard with Rose for the first time since the crash (Way underrated)

Season 3:

In the finale: Hurley chases down Sawyer and wants to help fight the others but Sawyer responds "but look at you Hugo.." or something to that effect

Of course there are more but, those are just a few on a long list of crazy emotional scenes, I'd love to hear what everybody else has got

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