I know that several of you on this site have been participating in a discussion of previous LOST episodes. I haven't been back on this site since the series ended, but I also had the idea of looking back at the previous seasons of LOST from the perspective of someone who knows how everything turns out. I wanted to look at the trail of breadcrumbs the writers left us that foreshadow what lies ahead, both in the short and long term. I just got done watching the pilot episodes and wanted to post the things that I noticed:

Jack and Boone performing CPR on Rose - this is the first incident of tension between these two characters. This tension carries over throughout the fist part of season 1.

Kate rubbing her wrists as she walks out when Jack first sees her - obviously this is a hint at the handcuffs she has until recently been wearing.

Jack tells Kate the story of his first solo procedure - This of course, is the moment in Jack's life when Jacob touches him. It is also interestig that Jack fails to mention the major role his father played in his story about counting up from five.

In that same scene, Jack hints at the beginnings of the change in Kate's character. When he finishes his story and Kate tells him if it were her she would have run away, something she has done all of her life, Jack replies "I don't think that's true - you're not running now."

The sounds of the monster appear from the jungle. In almost every other circumstance we have seen of new arrivals on the island, the monster kills one or more of them. This time it doesn't. Most likely because there are too many candidates among the survivors that it cannot kill.

Jack tells the group of guys around the campfire that he and Kate are heading into the jungle to get the transiever. Boone asks about the man with the tourniquet, and Jack tells him he took it off and he should be OK. Boone replies "Good job", in what I see as a little insincerely. Incident #2 of the tension between Boone and Jack.

Jack, Kate and Charlie encounter the monster, which kills the pilot. All three manage to escape. How? They are all candidates - it couldn't kill them.

Sawyer mentions Sayid being pulled out of line before boarding the plane as they are fighting. We now know this event was caused by Shannon with Sayid's bag.

Locke is shown on the beach with the backgammon game. This is much like the Man in Black with the Sennet game. Foreshadowing that the two would become much closer. This is also the first analogy of light and dark.

We see Walt reading the spanish comic book. This is the first appearance of a polar bear. We also now know the comic belonged to Hurley.

Sawyer lies about finding the gun on one of the bodies. Mars was still alive at the time. Kate knows the truth, but of course, says nothing.

Kate also lies about knowing how to use a gun.

The group hears the French distress signal. We now know it was made by Rousseau. When she says "it killed them all" we now know she is talking about the "sickness" killing her team.

Locke asks Walt if he wants to know a secret on the beach. We can be reasonably sure based on Walt's comments to Michael in a later episode that Locke told him about his paralysis. It is also interesting that the two people who the others consider to be "special" gravitate to each other so quickly on the beach.

I know I've rambled on, but those are the things that I took away from the pilot episode. I wanted to throw those out for other people to think about, and I'd welcome any observations any of you made that I may have missed. I plan on watching more of the episodes, and I'll try to post some of my thoughts on those when I do.


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