Hey after doing a lil research i find that the closets resemblance of the statue is Sobek a egyptian god with the head of a crocodile.and a body of a man. He represented the four elemental gods, Ra of fire, Shu of air, Geb of earth, and Osiris of water and was cosnidered to bve the god who controlled water. Howver he mostly was a god to worship because of the dangers with Crocs in the nile. It is said that in the earths creation he arose from the dark water and put order in the world. Little interesting fact though sobek was aid to catch horus another god sons into a net. hmmmdo we know any other Horace's on the island.

All in all i think this statue may be one of many staues on the island all representing different themes...or not..and this stue is just a big decoration

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