Hey after watching the "Incident" Part 1 opening scene with Jacob and the "Man in Black" or as others cal him Jacobs Nemesis, or his enemy. I really cant be fully convinced that this man in black is really the bad guy. I mean the reasons for good and evil fall under that persons own motives and beliefs. I mean to me Jacob dosn't look all that kind and man in black dosn't look so evil mean he seems more passionate about his killing and at the same time is convinced that the people on the boat are all corrupt and evil.

To put it in example-Its like when an older brother(I.E man in black) is sick of his younger more cuter, more talented, more happier brother (I.E Jacob.) and he justs wants to kill him so bad because hes basically jealous. Now ad a magical island and you got Jacob and the man in black. But thats only if we assume their brothers.

In the end it all in ones point of view of whats good and whats evil...whos right and whos wrong

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