I know after the finale im hearing alot of people think that" the man in black" is the man who has been in the cabin this whole time. BUt we still don't know that for sure...I mean if he's been their as long as the ruins wouldn't you think he lives in the temple and not some crappy cabin with dust surrounding it (smokey?)...

Well what if the cabins real inhabitant is non other then Mr. Jack Shepard...why jack...well in season 4 "cabin fever" the cabin was built by Horace when locke had that dream, with horace and the nosebleed and him repeating so maybe the blast fails and their destiny continues on with dharma and the 1970's.... jack is the only one who survives the purge after cutting a deal with the others..only catch he has to live in that cabin ( how he becomes invisible and can only speak to locke ..i dnt know..again only a theory) he waits for locke to show up just so he can get the message of "help Me" to him..whats to support thsese facts

1.all of the shepards (Christian, claire, excluding grampa) have been seen in the cabin. 2.Jack seems to always have that extreme eye close up...we've seen the eye peek at hurly before in the cabin 3.Judging that he's aging the man we see in the cabin for that brief secondin "man behind the curtain" would be the perfect age for jack if he had been living in the 70's

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