Namaste, in preparation for season 6. i thought id give a list of all the unanswered questions that need to be answered in Season 6..Granted the writers have said that some of these questions on the list will not be answered when the show is done, but i feel they should be mentioned on the list anyway.

PEOPLE: Jack-will he ever find out his true destiny? Sayid-Will he survive his gunshot wound? Illana-Who is she/How does she know about the island? Bran-Who is he/What does he mean by Canidacy? Miles-Howd did he get his powers? Pierre Chang-Why does he have so many alias's? Radzinsky=How does he become stuck pushing the button in the Swan? Abadon-What is his nature with helping Locke get to the island? Mikhail-How did he loose his eye? Huriey-Why is he seeing dead people/Is he crazy? Jacks grandfather-What was the Purpose of him giving the shoes/Why was he trying to escape? Emily-What wasnt it time yet. when she said to Ben? Jacob-Who or What is he and what is his meaning with the Island and bringing people to it? Man in Black-Who or what is he/Why does he want to kill Jacob? Richard-Where'd he come from/How old is he? Others/Hostiles-Who are they/Where do they come from? Zach & Emma-Where are they? Eloise-How did she become the leader/How does she leave the island? Widmore-Howd he get to the island/Become Leader? Ben-How does young Ben get back with Dharma? Annie-What ever happened to her? Claire-Where has she been? Aaron-Will he evr see his mommy again? Juliet-Is she really dead/Does she detonate Jughead? Jin & Sun-Will they ever be reunited? Desmond-Will he ever return to the island/what is the meaning of his visions? Walt-Why is he special/What happened to him when he was with the others? Faraday-Why dosnt he have an accent? Henry Gale-Howd he die? Libby-Why was she in the mental hospital with Hureley? Adam & Eve-Who are they? The Economist-Who is he?

ANIMALS: Polar Bears-How do they survive in Tropical Climates? Black Horse-Was it the same one that helped kate escape? Hurely Bird-Why did it say Hurleys name?

ISLAND MYSTERY"S: Smoke Monster-What is it? Healing Properties-How is the island and Jacob able to Heal? The Statue-What is it's meaning on the island/Who built it? The temple and Ruins-Who built them and how old are they? The Black Rock-How did it get into the middle of the Jungle? Whispers-Who's doing it? The Purge-Can it be averted? Preganacy-What causes woman to have pregnancy problems on the island? The Sickness-What caused it on Rousseu's team? Dharma Supply Drop-Who dropped it? The Cabin-Who really resides in it? Donkey Wheel-How did it get their/Whats on the other side of it? Electromagnetism-Why is their so much of it on the island? Time Travel-Can you really change the past or is it Whatever Happened, Happened? Moving the Island-How is this capable? The Numbers-What do they represent? Possession-Why are all people who have died come back to life/Are they possessed?

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