Over the past two years I have enjoyed being on Lostpedia. I have never been the most vocal member of this community but have contributed when I have deemed it necessary. The discussions on it have been inspired and it added a completely new element to the enjoyment of the show. That being said, it has come a time that the encyclopaedia we have built be put on the shelf. Since the ending of the series a number of months ago we have seen a dramatic drop in the standards of discussions, no finger pointing at all, simply because of a lack of new material to talk about. Where once we had massive debates about characters motives, we now have "who would you most like to date" or "who has the prettiest eyes" or a game in which we count ascending numbers only using the 'numbers' (fun as it may be, it is of no point).

I for one don't want my opinion of Lostpedia to be destroyed as such. I am leaving this site because I don't want to remember this site as it will end up. While the site was once a massive area where meaningful discussions were plentiful, we are now forced to play nice with each other and not say anything that may in any way be seen as offensive. Those who sought to keep conflict (for the sake of keeping discussions going) within the site were banned.

When was the last meaningful lost-related post made on this site? One apart from "Did Desmond lie to Charlie about his flash" or "Was David real or a figment of the flash sideways universe", which have been done to death. This site is not meant as a means for social networking, there are plenty of other sites for people to make use of if you wish to ensue friendship and such.

Within the second part of this blog I will put forward more lost related info than I have seen on this site in the past number of weeks.

I have always been of the opinion that when Jacob threw his brother down the source, Brother died. The monster existed before then, and was used to destroy Brother's village. The monster had planned Brother's death (appearing as Claudia to Brother in childhood, sowing the seeds of mistrust) since Brother was the more dangerous candidate. He liked to take the form of humans, and trying to act like one of them. It gave him a false sense of character. He appeared as Brother many times to Jacob to torture him, he tried pretending to be John Locke again when lowering Desmond into the source (but failed)... I have said these things before. He tried to make Richard kill Jacob to try to prove his point about how man is corruptible. He knew Richard would fail.

Unless I have missed something I would think that when the light was put out at the source, the souls of those trapped on the island were set free. As far as we know whenever the light went out the island became a normal, albeit unstable, mass of land. This would cover over any reasons for why we hear Boone's voice in the whispers... And Micheal was still not in the flashsideways because the island wasnt the most meaningful time in his life to him.

Jack's vision of his father in the hospital back home was nothing more than stress. The fact the smoke alarm had gone off was nothing but a hint by the writers that the other visions we have seen of Christian were the Smoke Monster.

As it is 2 in the morning, I will finish up this rant. I am sorry to say but it is, in my humble opinion, time that Lostpedia was put to rest. I welcome the backlash I will get now from the avid fans who want to drag this website on until there are no more than 5 people wanting to share their fanfiction with each other.

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