• Jamesmalone2007

    My Fond Farewell

    October 17, 2010 by Jamesmalone2007


    Over the past two years I have enjoyed being on Lostpedia. I have never been the most vocal member of this community but have contributed when I have deemed it necessary. The discussions on it have been inspired and it added a completely new element to the enjoyment of the show. That being said, it has come a time that the encyclopaedia we have built be put on the shelf. Since the ending of the series a number of months ago we have seen a dramatic drop in the standards of discussions, no finger pointing at all, simply because of a lack of new material to talk about. Where once we had massive debates about characters motives, we now have "who would you most like to date" or "who has the prettiest eyes" or a game in which we coun…

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  • Jamesmalone2007

    Okay people this is my first blog on lostpedia.... Even though I've been on it over a year... Here goes...

    Given that the series is now finished and we are stuck wanting more answers, we must cling to the idea that the writers had more planned that just didnt get panned out in the end, so we come up with ridiculous theories, use a line or two as evidence and wait for the rest of the community to either praise or reject it.... I have this about right yes?

    Anyway enough stalling. This theory is based mostly on the episode "across the sea", but calls on other episodes as reference points. I always had trouble believing throwing an unconscious man down a cave of light would turn him into a pillar of black smoke, even by lost's standards. After w…

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