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    I haven't seen any posts on this question, so if it's been done to death, please excuse me.


    At various times, key characters have referred to the Island as if it were a self-aware entity with plans of its own: Ben, I think, more than once when talking with Locke; Mr. Friendly telling Michael that the Island was not going to let him off himself; and Eloise telling Desmond that the Island was not done with him. There may be others, but those are the ones I recall.

    Unlike Locke, who may be conflating "the Island" with Jacob or MIB, these three characters know about Jacob, but they do not say Jacob.

    Is it possible that the Island is more than a mere setting for the Jacob v. MIB throw-down? Will the Island intervene to influence the outc…

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  • Jamesepowell

    Sideways Locke

    February 14, 2010 by Jamesepowell

    The first question is why is Locke in a wheelchair? Presumably, the sideways world resulted from Juliette setting off Jughead ("It worked") in 1977. In the original time line, Locke isn't tossed out the window until 2000.

    The second question is, if the butterfly effect of Jughead takes Locke out of the "leader of the Others" game, he would never have been visited by Matthew Abaddon who gave him the idea to go on the walkabout, so why did he go?

    The third question is, if Sideways Locke is not the neurotic mess that original time line Locke was, why would a man in a wheelchair go on a walkabout?

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