This is my thoughts on the last episode of Lost 'The End.' I thought it was pretty good, but not as huge though as everybody said it was. I started watching in late June or early July and I just watched the last episode a few days ago. I am a really HUGE fan of Lost and I thought they ended it pretty well. For me, it seemed like a pretty happy ending and I know what you guys are thinking oh yeah right Jack dies in the very end and most of you still might be very confused about the end. My friend Shannon thought that EVERYONE was dead, but I don't think so because James, Kate, Miles, Richard, Claire, and Frank made it of the island. It is a bit confusing but I didn't think it sucked. But thats just me, most people think it did. I think Desmond probably made it off the island, too. And I was so stoked that Hurley and Ben where protecting the island. I'm sure Hurley's doing an awesome job. And in the epilogue 'The New Man in Charge' Ben goes to get Walt and brings him back to the island. Hurley asks Walt if he wants a job and he says yes. The job is probably like Walt helping Hurley and Ben protect the island. Well this is quite a bad review, but... I just wanted to post something to start with cause nobody posts much anymore since its over. If anybody reads this, well I hope you feel the same as I did about it.

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