So obviously most of us are going through withdrawals now that LOST is finished. Some have decided to start re-watching the show which I had planned on doing but recently decided to wait till about a month before the final season is released on blu-ray. I figured if I was gonna re-watch it all I'd minus well wait till I could watch it all in Hi-Def. So to fill my nights at home I've been checking out some of the summer programming and started watching Dexter on dvd. Which is a great show, I just finished the 1st season tonight, but that's not why I'm writing this blog.

So like I said I've been checking out the summer programming like tonight I caught the 1st hour of Last Comic Standing, which I never really watched before, and I found it pretty entertaining. Then I check out this new show on Fox called The Good Guys, which had a great buddy-comedy/Good Cop, Bad Cop feel.

Anyway, the standout of the night for me was this new show on NBC called Persons Unknown. Admittedly when I first saw the promos for this show a few weeks back I rolled my eye thinking to myself, "Here come anther LOST ripoff." Looking at some of the upcoming NBC shows I can't help but get the felling they are trying to prey on the LOST audience now that it's finished, with this show now and The Event & Undercovers in the fall. But who can blame them, their a struggling network that sees a market that's being under-served. Regardless of all this I decided to check it out anyway, I mean it is summer and their isn't anything else on so why not. I went into it not expecting much so it didn't take much to impress. Being that it's a mini-series and that it was created by Christopher McQuarrie, who won and Oscar for best writing for "The Usual Suspects", I think it's pretty safe to say I'll stick around and see where this story goes. I don't wanna go into too much detail about the first episode in case some of you wanna check it out for yourself but basically what happened is seven strangers wake-up in a deserted town in the middle of nowhere and can't leave. Some interesting plot twists occur and the promos promise that, "by the end of summer answers will be known." Which I took as a slight to LOST but whatever, there's nothing else on and it was pretty interesting. Here's the promo so you have a better idea of what I'm talking about: Persons Unknown Promo

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