Here's a little poem/song that I wrote a while back. Now that LOST is over I've been looking over some of the old lost inspired things I've done and this is one of my favs.

Confidence Man

In a small town named Jasper, Alabama//
Where folks sit on porches in their pajamas//
There was a young boy at the age of eight//
James had a family, most can relate//
Till one day his mom met a man//
Little did she know this man had a plan//
Conned the family out of their money//
Dad got mad & pulled his shot-gunny//
Shot James mom making sure she was dead//
Then killed himself with a shot to the head//
All while James was under the bed//
Just like that his family ripped to shreds//
From that day searched for the one to blame//
With only one thing to go on, a name//

If you thought that was bad then wait for this//
James tragic stories are as deep as an abyss//
When James was 19 he got in some trouble//
He needed six grand on the double//
So he found a pretty lady married to a dummy//
And conned them out of all their money//
He became Sawyer, the monster he was hunting//
Couldn’t look in the mirror, couldn’t face what was in front of ‘em//

An old partner said Sawyer was down under//
So James flew down as quick as thunder//
When James got there he bought a piece//
Final ready to put his parents at peace//
Later that night ready to end his quest//
He shot Sawyer right in the chest//
James pulled out his letter & started to read//
The man sat confused as he started to bleed//
He wasn’t Sawyer, just a man named Frank//
Who owed James partner some serious bank//
Frank went cold & slowly died//
Leaving James sick, deep down inside//
James anger left him open to be used//
Too quick to judge the one accused//
Regardless if this was the wrong man//
The blood was still on James Hands//

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