• James-sawyer

    The sun floods the windows of Pinky’s Diner as Swayer and Hibbs grab a seat at a booth. Looking at the menu Sawyer starts tapping his foot. Hibbs looks up at him over his menu, “Knock it off.” Sawyer ignores him and start tapping it faster. Hibbs puts down his menu and fiercely whispers, “What the hell is your problem?!?”

    Sawyer looks up at him and replies in the same tone, “You wanna know what my problem is?!? My problem is that I’m sick of running these dumbass cons up and down Tampa!”

    Hibbs now smiling utters, “Oh, really?”

    “Yeah! If we keep up this way, we’re just askin’ to get caught.”

    Hibbs laughing says, “Your right and it’s ‘bout time you said something.”

    “What the hell do you mean ‘it’s ‘bout time’? If I didn’t say anythin’ how long wo…

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  • James-sawyer

    The room is dark as he wakes up to the sound of his phone ringing, he groans as he clutches it, “Hello…ok, I’m getting up now. I’ll be there in 35.”

    He slowly gets out of bed as to not disturb his girlfriend, which was a futile effort because she turns over and asks, “Where you going?”

    Surprised he turns to her and lightly strokes her hair, “Duty calls, those guys just conned more people. But it’s only a matter of time before their luck runs out.” He stands up and heads for the bathroom. Getting in the shower the cool water is refreshing on such a hot Tampa night. After the quick shower he proceeds to put on his uniform.

    While he dresses his girlfriend remakes, “Kevin, you know how much I worry about you? These people will do anything to get …

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  • James-sawyer

    Sawyer felt the intense heat of the sun as he slowly opened his eyes and sat up in the passenger seat of Hibbs’ Camaro. Hibbs turned to Sawyer and slowly uttered, “Well it’s ‘bout time you woke up, been out for the last six hours.”

    Sawyer lazily ran his hand across his eyes and asked, “Where are we?”

    “We’re heading south on the I-75 about three hours from Tampa. But we’re running a little low on cash so I’m stoppin’ in Gainesville.”

    “Gainesville? What the hell is in-”

    Hibbs abruptly interrupted, “Grab that box in the backseat.”

    Sawyer annoyed yet curious at the same time seized the misshapen box and placed it in his lap. He slowly opened the box to find a slightly worn simple violin.

    Hibbs dressed in weathered attire enters a restaurant and is …

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  • James-sawyer

    It’s early morning as he wakes up to the sound of someone yelling at the end of the cell-block. His cell is cold and dark yet he’s drenched in sweat. Sitting up his feet touch the cool concrete as he slowly stands. He walks over to the sink and turns the faucet, the water shoots out with several quick bursts before attaining a steady flow. Cupping his hands he washes his face barely able to look at himself in the mirror. After drying himself with a towel he turns to his bookshelf and seizes a worn paperback of ‘Lord of the Flies’. Lying back in his bunk he finds his place in the book but his mind is somewhere else. It’s the day of his premature release, yet Sawyer can’t help but feel this nagging guilt. He mutters under his breath, “It’s e…

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  • James-sawyer

    Persons Unknown

    June 8, 2010 by James-sawyer

    So obviously most of us are going through withdrawals now that LOST is finished. Some have decided to start re-watching the show which I had planned on doing but recently decided to wait till about a month before the final season is released on blu-ray. I figured if I was gonna re-watch it all I'd minus well wait till I could watch it all in Hi-Def. So to fill my nights at home I've been checking out some of the summer programming and started watching Dexter on dvd. Which is a great show, I just finished the 1st season tonight, but that's not why I'm writing this blog.

    So like I said I've been checking out the summer programming like tonight I caught the 1st hour of Last Comic Standing, which I never really watched before, and I found it pr…

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