I just wanted to put this together to get ideas together as i am confused. I find it easier when everyone puts in their knowlege and opinion.

We know now that Widmore has found the island and is close enough to see him next episode hopefully. Jacob said to Hurley that someone needs to find the island and this is most likely Widmore, agreed?

Now this is where it gets confusing. Widmore must therefore be useful to Jacob or known as good. But he was exciled by Ben, a leader and follower of Jacob. I know Ben has never spoke to or seen jacob but richard has and richard spoke with Ben. Now Widmore found the island and brought mercenaries to capture ben and remove him. Sawyer was a candidate and they fired on him and tried to kill him, why. If widmore is with Jacob then why do they try and kill sawyer.

I dont really know what i am writing about. Just trying to encourage other people who know what they're talking aqbout on this subject????

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