This theory came about after I searched the internet for mythology relating to “touching,” as Jacob touches people in The Incident. Instead I found an interesting page about the Book of Thoth. Reading into this story I realised how much it links to Lost and I am quite sure this may be of importance to Big Lost fans. We know Egyptian mythology has been used a lot.

The story is about a Prince Neferkaptah who goes searching for the Book of Thoth. This book contains spells. When the Prince and his crew arrive on their boat they are met with a snake and scorpions. The Prince defeats them with spells and is met with a large snake. It cut it with his axe, yet it slithers back together. So, the Prince placed sand between the two halves the next time he cuts and the snake is destroyed.

There are 7 boxes within each other until Neferkaptah would reach the book. When he had the box he read the first spell, which allowed him to understand the speech of every living thing from the fish of the sea to the beasts of the desert. The second show the sun and the moon in their true form. He then sailed away using the third spell that flooded the waters over the boxes.

Now, relating to Lost. I do not believe this is the lost story but I do believe that they have taken ideas. In lost I think that the numbers are like a spell in this book. When using the numbers you gain these “spells.” Please stay with me here! I think MIB/Flocke is linked to this. Reason being, in the mobisode he tells Vincent to go and wake up jack in the jungle and Vincent does it, (speaking to all living things). He can read people’s thoughts; black smoke scans people, we saw it form Mr Ekos past. He knew Ben wanted to be judged for killing his daughter not returning to the island. At the beginning of the Incident Jacob says, “You’ll have to ask them when they get here,” MIB says, “I DON’T HAVE TO ASK!” Finally, spell three, water over the boxes and in lost (you should already guess what I’m going to say) the island is under water.

The “box” contains the numbers metaphorically. In “Numbers” the numbers are wrote down 7 times on the French women’s page, which indicates the seven boxes. French woman had a music box. John Locke works for a box company. Most important of all, in “Numbers” again, Lenny/Lenard say, “you shouldn’t have done that, YOU’VE OPENED THE BOX!” Ben talks about a magic box and “whatever you wanted to be inside the box, there it would be.” In the story the prince wanted the spells more than anything. In the May 23, 2007 special "Lost: The Answers," producers Cuse and Lindelof commented on the nature of the magic box metaphor, stating that "the entire island is a magic box." And like the snake in the story, someone (Jacob) is protecting the island.

In the story the prince was punished for taking the book and using the spells and as a result loved ones died around him. Hurley used the numbers and got what he wanted, to win the lottery. As we know, bad things happened to the people around Hurley. E.g. Grandpa died, brother and his lady’s relationship fell apart and his friend Jonny ran off with Hurley’s girlfriend. But, at the same time it was like they also protected Hurley, maybe from death so he suffered. E.g. season 1, not getting hit by French woman’s trap and not breaking the old wooden bridge on the island. Speaking to all living things. This is where it is interesting. I was trying to think, who does Hurley talk to and then it came to me. The Hurley bird! Hurley was the only one to hear it say his name. Also, in season 2 Hurley has a dream where he speaks Korean and understands Korean. Know anyone else that speaks it? Jacob.

Now imagine Jacob is the owner or in touch with the numbers. We now know the numbers are related to our Losties. FLOCKE tries to use them or manipulate them and is therefore punished. I think he loses someone because of this like the prince. Jacob says, “anything that happens before that is just progress” and MIB looks down saddened and annoyed then says “do you have any idea how badly I want to kill you.” Watch it again and you will see. This progress caused something bad to happen. From the latest episode we see a boy, maybe it was his son.

The prince later kills himself and is buried with the book. Senta tries to take the book and is challenged to Draughts. On the board there is Ivory and Ebony, Black and White. Therefore, the in Lost they may not be black and white stones but instead, these materials. Senta later returns the book after he sees his two daughters killed, but this was just a vision. This is like how Boone saw Shannon die because of the monster.

Finally, there is someone else that has these weird powers; Walt. Walt acts very similar to the Black smoke. In the episode “special” it shows Walt just staring at Vincent pretty much face to face as if he can understand him. Christian (believed to be MIB) TALKS TO Vincent. I’m not sure on this but I think he tells Shannon after Boone dies and he leaves on the raft that he talks to Vincent, “he’s a good listener.” In the recent episode “substitute” it appears like FLOCKE as Smokey could also jump from place to place. Walt did this as he “appeared in a place he wasn’t supposed to be.”

I know it’s a lot, but thank you if you read it all. It does outline some interesting points in my opinion. If you didnt like it i dont mind dont be an idiot about it!

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