• James'cabin

    I have seen a few dicussions on the point in which the timelines split. His is my interesting point which i dont think anyone has thought about. People may not have thought about it because it could be aweful, i just havn't looked into it a lot.

    At the moment Jacob is finding a replacement to protect the island. This theory is going to be based on the fact that there would be someone before Jacob. Jacob appears human similar to richard as he was killed by a knive, therefore there is nothing suggesting he was the begininng.

    Maybe the split in timelines is due to jacob never becoming the protector of the island. This would give evidence into why Ben was never a leader because he would never have been chosen by Jacob. Maybe the protector was MI…

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  • James'cabin

    I thought of this after watching it again.

    Season 4

    Widmore: "are u here to kill me benjamin" Ben "we both know i cant do that"

    I believe this is because Widmore was touched by Jacob. This is what happened to Richard. People touched by Jacob cannot be killed. For example Jack tried to kill himself in the finale of season 3 and was stopped because of the car crash. Locke tried to kill himself in the dharma hole and was stopped by walt. Maybe michael was touched as well which is why he couldn't kill himself. This doesn't explain why richard can't age though.

    Just some thoughts anyway. Any opinions?

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  • James'cabin

    Widmore and Jacob

    March 13, 2010 by James'cabin

    I just wanted to put this together to get ideas together as i am confused. I find it easier when everyone puts in their knowlege and opinion.

    We know now that Widmore has found the island and is close enough to see him next episode hopefully. Jacob said to Hurley that someone needs to find the island and this is most likely Widmore, agreed?

    Now this is where it gets confusing. Widmore must therefore be useful to Jacob or known as good. But he was exciled by Ben, a leader and follower of Jacob. I know Ben has never spoke to or seen jacob but richard has and richard spoke with Ben. Now Widmore found the island and brought mercenaries to capture ben and remove him. Sawyer was a candidate and they fired on him and tried to kill him, why. If widm…

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  • James'cabin

    Re-watch Substitute

    February 23, 2010 by James'cabin

    The boy that FLOCKE chased after said "you know the rules, you can't kill him."

    I was just wandering if he meant sawyer? The boy said "can't" kill him as if FLOCKE hasn't killed him yet. Richard said that FLOCKE wants them all dead including sawyer. Any opinions of who he the boy meant???

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  • James'cabin

    Favourite Lost Moments

    February 22, 2010 by James'cabin

    This has been inspired by "Rchicaluv" ho did favourite lost episode which i personally found to hard to choose from. Therefore, i used plural (moments)to make this easier. Just give your favourite moments from lost either the ultimate moment or favourite from seasons 1-5 i do not mind. i will start, my favourite moment in the history of Lost is Lockes episode in season 1 where the camera comes down showing locke banging on top of the hatch and then the light turns of. I loved this episode because at that point in lost anything could have been down there. The hatch has shaped the whole show and that moment was amazing. Also, at that episode i took more notice to lost. I actually thought it was alien lol.

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