I know black and white has been a recurring motif since practically the beginning of the show, but I've noticed that, perhaps, these may be the wrong colors.

I'm assuming most of you who frequent Lostpedia, like myself, have seen the final poster from Damon, Carlton, and a Polar Bear. We were told that anything new found in the poster may be a hint to the final season. I have scanned the poster for quite some time, but have come up with nothing (besides the barely visible hieroglyphs in the clouds at the top, which I trust can be translated soon). However, there was one thing that DID stand out to me. Notice anything interesting about the color scheme? It is predominantly gray and blue, and the characters themselves are only in gray and blue.

Now, this might be seen as just artistic style, or whatever, but take a look at the new promotional character photos. Most every character has a shirt that is some shade of blue, or is grey. Jin, interestingly enough, is wearing red, and is in the center of the new poster (signs of possible importance?), and Richard, while left out of the poster (as far as I can see), is wearing red, roughly the same shade as Jin's. The only other two people who vary a bit are Sawyer, who has an interesting plaid blend of bluish and kind of the same red as Jin and Richard, and Ben, who is light green. Also, the background of the photos for every character is either blue, or green.

The fact that all the characters in the poster are either blue or gray seems interesting, and add this to the fact that all the promotional photos seem to center around a blue and grey theme, and we have more of a connection.

Now, I know this may be a stretch, especially seeing as how some of the blue/gray characters on the poster don't match with their character photos, but I think that, at the very least, this is a deliberate stylistic choice. Nothing done in Lost (at least, not anymore) is done without a reason.

What, then, do you guys think this reason is? I don't think we have enough to know, or guess (beyond the whole idea of "two teams"), but I do think this is interesting, and am interested in what the fan community thinks.

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