Ok, this is something that just struck me over the past few days, as I was watching season 4 again.

Faraday was shot by his mother when our Losties were in 1977. At that time, we know that Eloise is pregnant with him.

So, from this, we can assume that Faraday was born in 1977 (or, depending on the month of Faraday getting shot, 1978).

No, rewind to Season 4, The Constant. Faraday told Desmond to travel to Oxford to meet younger Faraday. When we're introduced to younger Faraday, he's got the long hair and the stereotypical dark leather professor coat. He's actually first shown talking to a student, telling him to "try it again" or something (Specifics not important - the point is he was taking an instructor/mentor tone). He then references his "colleagues" after Desmond talks to him about time travel.

So, Faraday was a Physics Professor at Oxford, working on advanced research into the nature of time travel. Ok, that's interesting.

Now, do you remember when Desmond's flashback (of sorts) happened? 1996. That would put our buddy Faraday at a ripe 19 (or 18) years of age.

Now, I understand that Faraday is very intelligent, and did high school work as a young boy (I think 10?), but isn't it a bit of a stretch to think that he not only graduated, but is now a professor and a researcher into such things as time travel at only the age of 19?

I hope I'm not the only one that noticed this, but I did want to share with you. Is this a terrible continuity error, some unrealistic characterization of Faraday being a super genius, or something more? Perhaps he (and this is all off the top of my head, so work with me) somehow had a Desmond like experience at one point, or somehow flashed back to Oxford, because I cant believe there was a 19 year old of such unrealistic stature.

Is it just me that feels this way? Any thoughts?

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