• Jalas

    Jack's Neck Cut?

    February 4, 2010 by Jalas

    Ok, I've watched the episode a few times now, and gone back to "The Incident" to take special note of Jack's neck (I know, odd thing to watch the entire time!), but I can't figure out the cut.

    He pays special attention to it in the bathroom, and we're obviously supposed to notice it.

    Now, is there something significant about it that I missed? How did he get it? Why is it important?

    Or do we just not know yet?

    Any thoughts?

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  • Jalas

    A note of interest on Faraday

    December 19, 2009 by Jalas

    Ok, this is something that just struck me over the past few days, as I was watching season 4 again.

    Faraday was shot by his mother when our Losties were in 1977. At that time, we know that Eloise is pregnant with him.

    So, from this, we can assume that Faraday was born in 1977 (or, depending on the month of Faraday getting shot, 1978).

    No, rewind to Season 4, The Constant. Faraday told Desmond to travel to Oxford to meet younger Faraday. When we're introduced to younger Faraday, he's got the long hair and the stereotypical dark leather professor coat. He's actually first shown talking to a student, telling him to "try it again" or something (Specifics not important - the point is he was taking an instructor/mentor tone). He then reference…

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  • Jalas

    I know black and white has been a recurring motif since practically the beginning of the show, but I've noticed that, perhaps, these may be the wrong colors.

    I'm assuming most of you who frequent Lostpedia, like myself, have seen the final poster from Damon, Carlton, and a Polar Bear. We were told that anything new found in the poster may be a hint to the final season. I have scanned the poster for quite some time, but have come up with nothing (besides the barely visible hieroglyphs in the clouds at the top, which I trust can be translated soon). However, there was one thing that DID stand out to me. Notice anything interesting about the color scheme? It is predominantly gray and blue, and the characters themselves are only in gray an…

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  • Jalas

    No fresh Ajira 316 start.

    June 17, 2009 by Jalas

    I've seen a lot of theories about how after the explosion (which I still think could possibly be another time flash, not an explosion), the next season will open with all of our friends on Ajira 316 about to crash. A sort of "universe course correction," making sure they all end up on the island.

    Doesn't anyone else see a fundamental problem with this? That's like resetting everyone's relationships, which basically negates the previous five seasons. Think about it, if it's a fresh start, when they land/crash, they'll all have to meet up again. "Oh, your name's Kate? I'm Jack. Nice to meet you." I doubt they'll do that, since we have such precious little time left in our beloved series. Why waste hours with people starting fresh on A…

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  • Jalas

    Jacob wants to die.

    May 9, 2009 by Jalas

    One thing that has always haunted my theory making is Jacob's cryptic "Help me" groan. One of the things that Lost does very well is create a large gap between what the characters know vs. what we, the viewers, know. Thinking of this, I realized the only thing that we have actually experienced of Jacob (besides the few quick blurs of a figure, or his eye) was his voice. All we've experienced was "Help me." Ben could have been talking to an empty chair, he could have made up "Jacob's List." As Locke restated in "Follow the Leader," none of the Others, besides Ben (and possibly/assumably Richard) have actually seen Jacob. And sure, I'll admit, Ben could have even faked the voice. But let's ignore that for now, and assume it was actual…

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