Hi guys, first time posting i'm a huge Lost fan and it's hard to find people that can talk about Lost. But when you finally do, it's like speaking a different language.

I am such a Lost fan that I even have Jack's tattoo, now before I get moans and groans about how stupid that is....first...a little history:

When I was 18 I got 4 chinese characters on my left arm...totally non-related to Lost. Same size and placement as Jack's chinese though.

Then after the Season 3 finale I decided I'd like to get Jack's tattoo but slightly tweak it to make it more personal for me.

My chinese is different and instead of BC I have GC (Gena Close, my mother's initials).

Reasons I decided to get the tattoo:

I really connect with Jack's character, he's a simple guy who is just always trying to do the right thing but somewhere along the way he messes up in some way shape or form.

He always puts his friends first, and so do I.

Now here's the big one...the relationship between him and Christian is identical to the relationship between me and my dad. He just wants to make his dad proud and it's just never enough.

He has a green 5, I was born in the month of May (5), and my birthstone is emerald.

I am very happy with my tattoo, I see people with band tattoos, clown tattoos, meaningless tribal designs, but the second they hear that my tattoo is from a Tv Show, it's suddenly stupid. I just dont get it...I think if it means something to you then that's all that matters, but maybe Im wrong.

Thoughts, opinions?

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