Toward a unified theory of LOST

According to Wikipedia, "a closed timelike curve (CTC) is a worldline of a material particle in spacetime that is "closed," returning to its starting point. This possibility was first raised by Kurt Gödel in 1949, who discovered a solution to the equations of general relativity (GR) allowing CTCs known as the Gödel metric, and since then other GR solutions containing CTCs have been found, such as the Tipler cylinder and traversable wormholes. If CTCs exist, their existence would seem to imply at least the theoretical possibility of time travel backwards in time, raising the spectre of the grandfather paradox."

The result of this is that it opens the possibility of a worldline which is not connected to earlier times, and so the existence of events that cannot be traced to an earlier cause. Ordinarily, causality demands that each event in spacetime is preceded by its cause in every rest frame.

So basically, my theory is that the Island exists within a series of competing worldlines. All of which can equally exist without the need for causality. In season 6, I predict that the season will begin with Oceanic 816 landing in Los Angeles, greated by TSA, NTSB, LA Police and FBI agents. Why? Because, mid-flight, 10 passengers disappeared without a trace. These 10 passengers will be referred to as "### ### ####### ##," or alternatively, the "## #."

None of those who died or were not present on the Island when Jacob was killed or when the incident occured will be a member of the "## #." Those who died will be "resurrected" in the new worldline. However, they will increasingly begin to regain memories from the Island until they are convinced that it is more then a dream. Wheelchair-bound Locke will begin seeking out help from some of these individuals in an effort to return to the Island. They know something is wrong with the world. And the world in which they are living in will be MUCH worse then the real world.

Meanwhile: Fade up from white. Sawyer, Kate, Hurley, Sayid, Miles, Jin and Jack find themselves in the Tunisian desert. Circa sometime B.C., but after the Berbero-Libyans adopted the religion of the Egyptians. They are captured by the indigenous peoples with whom they cannot communicate. Richard Alpert is among them, but does not recognize them and identifies himself as "Osorkon." The captives are brought to the Mediterranean sea, where in the distance, they can see the LOST Island, where the statue of Taweret is under construction. Jack says, "Where are we?" Hurley says, "I think you mean 'when,' dude."

Meanwhile, back in 2007. Jacob has been killed. Locke is revealed to be the real Locke. He flew aboard the alternate worldline's flight 316. The two worldline's conjoined and both the alternate universe Locke and dead Locke are brought to the Island. With Jacob dead, and the past having been re-written by Jack and the gang, things on the Island begin falling apart. Frank will turn the Frozen Donkey Wheel and we will begin to see snippets of the Island's new history as they cast skips through time. Ilana will turn the wheel a second time "fixing" Locke's group in the same B.C. timeframe as Jack's group.

Richard, having lived in this time period, acts as an interpreter. Osorkon-Richard is killed, prompting Richard to ask how that's even possible.

The classic "Destiny" vs "Free-will" argument between Jack and Locke rises up again and the two become leaders of the Island in an all out war which culminates in the final battle at the temple. Jack is "eaten" by the White Smoke Monster while Locke is "eaten" by the Black Smoke Monster and they take on new physicalities: Jack's name was always short for "Jacob." This reveals the identity of Jacob and Jacob's Nemesis. They've always been Jack and John. Ben uses the Frozen Donkey Wheel to send the Island to the South Pacific and finally escapes from the Island. Hurley follows him. Ben return to the year 2009. Hurley finds himself in the 18th Century and becomes a sea captain, buying an old slave ship but using it to attempt to find the Island. He adopts the name of "Hanso" which is short for "Han Solo."

Thus closing the closed timelike loop in which events in the future are the cause of events in the past. The new worldline continues and will eventually produce the events which we have already observed.

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