Just a place to post conclusions to certain LOST mysteries that would make the whole series ridiculous. Here's some examples:

  • The Man in Black will be revealed to have a partner working for him off the Island. The partner will be played by Will Smith and he will be tasked with wiping the memories of the Island from everyone who escapes.
  • Jacob is really Santa Clause. Every Dec. 25th, he moves the Island to the North Pole (thus explaining Penelope's arctic station and the polar bears.) This will be The Year Without A Santa Clause.
  • In a flashback, Smokey will follow a trail of Reeses Pieces to Young Ben Linus' DHARMA house. The two will become friends as Smokey lives in Ben's closet, hiding from Ben's dad. They will have a falling out when it's revealed that Ben doesn't own a bicycle and refused to let Smokey phone home.
  • One of the male polar bears will discover two of the female polar bears in a compromising position, thus confirming that they are bipolar bears.

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