Just musing about some of the similarities between Ursula K. Le Guin's "A Wizard of Earthsea" and the narrative of Jacob. Attached a picture of the cover art from one of the printings.

Wizard earthsea

Is that you, Smokey?

The main character is Ged (known also as Sparrowhawk.) He's a wizard who inadvertently releases a nameless evil which the story refers to as "the shadow" but it's description could easily be equated to a kind of black smoke. There's no mainland in the story. Only islands.

Other "similarities:"

  • The main character, Sparrowhawk, grows up on an Island. His mother is dead.
  • He's raised by the village witch who teaches him the little she herself knows, but his power far exceeds hers.
  • his pride and arrogance grow even faster than his skill and, in his hubris, he accidentally summons forth "The Shadow."
  • Sparrowhawk has a bond with the shadow that cannot be broken. The shadow and Sparrowhawk cannot avoid a final confrontation.
  • Though some of his teachers had thought "The Shadow" to be nameless, Sparrowhawk and his adversary speak at the same moment, each naming the other by their true name: Ged. Sparrowhawk embraces his foe and the two become one.
A Wizard of Earthsea

Another example of cover art with Ged combating The Shadow

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