"You're not John Locke. You disrespect his memory by wearing his face, but you're nothing like him."

This is, perhaps, my favorite line from the season finale.

Many of LOST's fans became fans because they felt a connection with the character of John Locke. While John was the show's representative champion of "faith," his was not a blind faith. More than any other character, John was driven to find answers. In season one, it is John who single-mindedly finds purpose in trying to gain entry to The Hatch. In season 2, it is John who ultimately makes the choice to stop pushing the button; the ultimate experiment to determine the truth about The Swan station. In season 3, Locke makes the decision to engineer the death of his own father in order to force Ben Linus to reveal the Island's secrets. Season 4 see John once again trying to find Jacob, taking us to the Donkey Wheel, thrusting the Island through time and giving the viewer the perception that we've just stepped closer to the answers.

Then we have season 5. They killed John Locke. Why? Because John wanted answers and the writers weren't going to give them to us.

I fell in love with the LOST of John Locke. What the writers gave us in season 6 disrespects the memory of THAT show by bearing it's name.

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