After watching "The Package" I am further convinced that The Man In Black wants to escape the Island so he can judge the world. I mentioned this in my previous blog article, "The Man Who Captured God.

I think we are being set up with a story that depicts two aspects commonly associated with deities. Redemption and Judgment. MIB, according to Jacob, believes that mankind is inherently sinful. Religion tells us that the wages of sin is death. MIB wants off the Island so he can fulfill his purpose in judging mankind for it's sins. Jacob, on the other hand, has been bringing people to the Island for two purposes: One is so he can find a replacement for himself as the Island's protector. The second is to prove MIB wrong about mankind's nature.

What Jacob is trying to show MIB is that humankind's nature that is good. If he can do that, then the need to keep MIB bottled up on the Island goes away, because MIB will no longer have to judge mankind.

In this episode, Widmore tells Jin that if MIB makes it off the Island, then everyone that either of them cares about will cease to be. MIB to judge the world?

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