• Jaiotu

    MIB WON!

    May 28, 2010 by Jaiotu

    Okay... I've been trying to figure out a way to post this and can't come up with an elegant solution. Here goes.

    The following comments are intended to be taken as "tongue-in-cheek." The do not reflect my actual interpretation of the finale of LOST. These comments are merely spawned from my own sick and twisted sense of humor.

    MIB WON. Remember when MIB told Jack that HE was Christian the WHOLE TIME? Well, at the end of the season finale, the Christian Shepherd that appeared to Jack was the Man in Black once again! Everything he told Jack about the afterlife was a complete lie. He had convinced the survivors that they were "moving on" when in fact they were all just committing suicide and giving MIB what he wanted.

    See. Told you it was sick …

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  • Jaiotu

    The Island is an "in between" place between life and death.

    MIB keeps stating that he wants to leave/go home.

    At the beginning of "The End" Desmond tells Kate that he wants to leave.

    The Island is MIB's FST/Afterlife.

    This is why certain people (Hurley, MIB) can see and talk to the dead. It's because the living and the dead coexist on the Island.

    MIB wants to "Move On" but can't, because the unique way he died has placed him in a kind of "limbo." He's neither alive nor dead.

    Jack didn't just kill Smokey... he set him free. Now that he is most certainly dead, he can go on to find his own closure and "Move On."

    With Hurley left behind as the Island's protector, all of the "whispers" can make a connection with Hurley that will help them to find pea…

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  • Jaiotu

    "You're not John Locke. You disrespect his memory by wearing his face, but you're nothing like him."

    This is, perhaps, my favorite line from the season finale.

    Many of LOST's fans became fans because they felt a connection with the character of John Locke. While John was the show's representative champion of "faith," his was not a blind faith. More than any other character, John was driven to find answers. In season one, it is John who single-mindedly finds purpose in trying to gain entry to The Hatch. In season 2, it is John who ultimately makes the choice to stop pushing the button; the ultimate experiment to determine the truth about The Swan station. In season 3, Locke makes the decision to engineer the death of his own father in order …

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    The Shephard Family

    May 26, 2010 by Jaiotu

    Not sure if anyone else has touched on this... I've been off site pretty much since the finally with the exception of a couple of random comments.

    Here's the problem: David. Who is David Shephard? Who is Jack and Juliet's son in the FST Afterlife?

    I think he may have been Christian. Now, I know, I know. No more answers until the season 6 DVD/Blueray release. So there is absolutely no way to confirm or deny this. But think with me:

    One of Jack's number one issues in the series was his failed relationship between his father and himself. What if Christian took the form of his younger self in the FST Afterlife in order to work through those issues together with Jack? This sits a lot better with me then the possibility that Jack was having a pers…

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  • Jaiotu

    There is only Jacob.
    I am growing more and more convinced that Jacob and MIB are one and the same. The story we saw in "Across the Sea" took place entirely in poor Jacob's schizophrenic head. There are clues all over the place. First of all, we know that Smokey can be in more than one place at the same time manifesting as more then on body. He did this as the spiders that paralyzed Nikki and Paolo. He also did it when he appeared to Richard as Isabella while also making Smokey noises outside the Black Rock.
    Why did the mother only have one name to give? Because there was only one baby. Jacob's brother was never real. He was Jacob's invisible friend who grew into a psychosis.
    MIB doesn't have a name. Know who else didn't have a name? Ed Norto…

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