I had been disappointed that Daniel asked Jack if he had had a scar on his neck before; that didn't make sense to me because as we had seen it, the Losties and the Freighties(?) were on the same linear timeline. Daniel couldn't have had a scar on his neck when they met because he hadn't gotten shot yet. But see these posts:

From anonymous: Could someone explain to me how Daniel knew Chang was Miles' father?

Also anonymous: Is it possible we were watching 2 seperate storylines. The reason I think we might be is Daniel's Jumpsuit kept changing. on the sub Black, in Sawyers House Grey, leaving sawyers Black, talking to Charlotte Grey, etc. 2 timelines happening at the same time maybe good Daniel and evil Daniel?

From heyjude71: Anyone else find it quite strange that Daniel was grazed on the neck, and commented that no one had seen a scar on his neck before? Of course we didn't see one -- he wore a tie every day! Coincidence? Also, when Sawyer demanded Daniel give him his shirt that time, Daniel immediatelly changed the subject. Maybe he had neck scars?? Maybe gunshot wounds in the chest?!? If not coincidence, what does it mean? That when Daniel (fresh off the freighter) meets the losties that this shooting has already happened? That would mean that he must not be dead and travels back in time at some point to arrive on the freighter. Just a thought...

Also, how does he know exactly when The Incident occurs?

These things would point to there being much more than meets the eye regarding DF. If he's been time hopping, that would explain why he asked Jack about the scar. He wouldn't have been thinking about Jack's timeline as being linear. Otherwise, it looks like an unusual number of continuity goofs. Can anyone support or debunk?

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