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    Chang uses a number of pseudonyms, and in one orientation film, appears to have a handicapped arm (I think someone even said which arm it is changes, but I haven't verified). How 'bout this: There is a time loop already in progress. Chang knows and is doing a lot of travelling backwards, and starting to run into himself, a la "Back to the Future", like Locke. He (one of him) has apparently injured his arm in one timeline. So all the Changs are using pseudonyms to keep each other straight. Look at the line below which I pasted from his character page here on Lostpedia:

    A key anagram for the name "Pierre Chang" is "Cheap Ringer". Definition: cheap ringer (slang) - inexpensive knock-off or imitation, copy of poor quality, deficient duplicate.


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  • Jacobsturtle

    Random blurts

    May 11, 2009 by Jacobsturtle

    I've been so annoyed by Jack's closed-mindedness and opposition to Locke, that I can't wait to see his face if they meet again.

    I'm dying for Miles to happen upon Nikki and Paolo's graves.

    Could Bernard and Rose be Adam and Eve?

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  • Jacobsturtle

    I had been disappointed that Daniel asked Jack if he had had a scar on his neck before; that didn't make sense to me because as we had seen it, the Losties and the Freighties(?) were on the same linear timeline. Daniel couldn't have had a scar on his neck when they met because he hadn't gotten shot yet. But see these posts:

    From anonymous: Could someone explain to me how Daniel knew Chang was Miles' father?

    Also anonymous: Is it possible we were watching 2 seperate storylines. The reason I think we might be is Daniel's Jumpsuit kept changing. on the sub Black, in Sawyers House Grey, leaving sawyers Black, talking to Charlotte Grey, etc. 2 timelines happening at the same time maybe good Daniel and evil Daniel?

    From heyjude71: Anyone else find …

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