I was bored so I decided to watch last weeks episode again and I noticed a couple things that I had not noticed before.

1. Jack looks better with short hair like he had in season 1 than the hair he has now in season 6.

2. When Sun and Jin first saw each other, you could hear Zoe in the background radio in to tell them to turn the fence off and than you can hear it power down. The only reason I bring this up is because the first time I watched it, I didnt hear the fence power down and I thought they were going to run through it and both be killed. There was a lot of posts about this so it helps to pay attention I guess.

3. I cant believe Frank actually became a main stay character. I don't really have any reason why he shouldn't be but in terms of what is happening on the island, Jacob's ashes are more important than he is. I mean I get that he is the pilot so if they want to fly out of there, they will probably need him but he is just so unnecessary because I don't believe the end of the show will be them flying away in a plane.

4. I realized another reason why I hate Claire and that is because during this episode many times she syas that Jack and company abandoned her when they left in the helicoptor. Correct me if I am wrong Claire but you abandoned your baby in the middle of the night to go walk off with what you thought to be your father and than hang out in a cabin for a when exactly did they abandon you? I realize she might think that they left her because she is infected but this whining attitude is typical of her character.

5. The reason MiB gives for coming to Jack as Christian in season 1 really makes no sense. He told him that he showed himself as Christian because they needed water. This makes me thing he is either a) lying about being Christian or b) lying about why he really came to Jack as Christian. Why the hell would MiB, who is supposed to be the definition of evil, give a damn how much water the survivors had, especially when he only needed all but like 6 of them because they were candidates.

6. Jack defending Locke during his and MiB's conversation was pretty cool. At the end MiB says something that pisses Jack off and MiB asks whats wrong and Jack says that Locke was the only one who believed in the island and believed that they were there for a reason. I never thought I would see Jack defend Locke and this scene proves that there is no way that Jack would ever join MiB as some people have speculated.

7. Speaking of the Sun/Jin reunion, Sun not being able to speak for that 4 episodes or how ever many it was really made absolutely no sense at all in terms of the plot. So she can understand English perfectly but cannot speak it for reasons unknown and then when she sees Jin all of a sudden she can speak again. Am I missing something or was this entire thing just stupid? What benfit besides not having to listen to Sun whine did her not being able to talk have? Maybe there is a hidden message about true love or something that I am missing.

8. I know I am probably in the minority here but I thought the scene where Jack jumped off the boat was pretty awesome. I think he made Sawyer think about leaving the island and it will get to him just like Locke got to Jack. You could tell Jack was sincere when he apoligized to Sawyer for getting Juliet killed. Even though they kind of hate each other, like Sawyer said way back in season 1, Jack is the closest thing he has to a friend on the island.

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