If anyone can even remember this scene I will be impressed but this is crazy. In the season 3 episode Par Avion, Locke Kate Sayid and Rousseau are walking through the jungle with Mikhail and they stop for a chat. Mikhail goes on to tell them that they can leave the island but since the transmitter stopped transmitting (haha) that they could not come back and she says "why would you want to?" Then, he says "you would not understand", to which she responds with "try me". Mikhail goes to say "what I meant to say is that you are not capable of understanding because you are not on the list (referring to Kate)". I thought this was pretty crazy that the writers knew that long ago that she would not be a candidate but thats not the important part of this blog. Sorry this is long. Sayid later on in the convo says "dont speak to us as if you know us" and Mikhail says "of course i dont know you Sayid Jarrah. And you Kate Austen are a complete stranger to me. But you John Locke, I have a fleeting memory of but I must be confused because the John Locke I knew was..." and Mikhail is cut off. For some reason I think this is an important scene involving Locke. Does anyone have any hypothesis as to what Mikhail was going to say to Locke? And do you think it will come up in season 6?

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