So this episode was one of the best episodes of all time. I agree with many that it started out rushed but it was freaking amazing at the end. I just wanted to list a few points that I think are worth discussing.

1. John Locke (the original) is for sure not coming back in the Original Timeline. I think the writers showed this to us when Jack offered Locke in the FST to give him the surgery and Locke said no he doesnt want to be fixed. I think this was a big sign that he will not be returning. Also, unless they just didnt show it, I dont think Locke had any visions of the OT, which says to me that he will not remember it at all since he is already dead. (No one who is already dead in the OT has had visions in the FST...that I can remember right now)

2. Okay for all of you that were still skeptic...MIB IS EVIL! There are no shades of grey or maybe he is good now and Jacob is evil. MIB IS EVIL. He was basically involved in the longest of long cons ever in the history of cons. This plan started years and years ago and he definately did not want the Candidates off the island or go off island with them. They did exactly what he wanted them to do and if it wasn't for Sayid, he would have succeeded. Also, he was never going to give them anything in the other timeline or any of that crap. As it turns out, MIB even conned some of you into thinking he was good but he isnt so this arguement is over.

3. As much as I hate to say it, the Sayid or Sun/Jin deaths really didn't make me shed a tear or anything but the scene where they showed Sun and Jin's hands floating away from each other was VERY powerful. I think Sayid just died very quickly but he got redeemed and let's be honest, I think we all knew for a while now that Sayid was going to be killed off. Sun and Jin also had a fitting end, although I will miss Jin, he was pretty awesome. When Hurley started crying is when I got kind of sad cause you had time to think about it.

4. I wonder what MIB's new plan is since he basically had it all worked out for all the candidates to die in the sub. I mean I am almost positive that he cannot directly kill them so he will have to find another way for them to kill each other which probably wont happen.

5. I just thought of this as I was typing but what the hell is Widmore doing now. He basically lost all of his people and his sub so unless he has someone with him that can fly a plane, I am predicting that he is probably going to die, or just be stuck on the island. Could Widmore and Zoe and someone else be the others in the Outrigger chase?

6. I don't know what Richard, Ben, and Miles are doing now but I guess they are still on their way to Hydra Island. They also could the ones in the other Outrigger. Who knows?

7. The finale being extended half an hour is awesome. I am sure I forgot to talk about some stuff but this is it for now. O yea and I am now a huge Jack fan...he is getting better and better every episode. He is the clear cut favorite for becoming the new Jacob. I have a feeling Kate and Sawyer are going to die. Thats it.

P.S. Next week is going to be legen...wait for it...dary (to quote Barney Stenson).

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