So the finale was nothing of what I was expecting, which I wasn't expecting anything really, I didn't even know how to guess how it would end. Just some things I wanted to talk about. I am ok with the alternate being a bridge between real life and heaven. There were great moments of when people were "awakened" such as Charlie and Claire, Sawyer and Juliet, and I also loved the conversation between Ben and Locke and then Ben and Hurley. I am glad Ben finally was redeemed and got an important position on the island. Did anyone see Hurley becoming the leader? I didn't think Jack would die but looking at the ending now, it is really the only way the show could have ended. MiB got what was coming to him so that was awesome. The only thing I think is lame is the fact that Kate, Claire, Sawyer, Miles, Richard, and Lapidus are all just going home to live their lives. What the hell is Richard going to do? How do they explain who they are and where they came from when they land that plane at some airport? They could have made it so they all stay on the island together to live out their lives. I wish Jack would have died with Hurley being there so he could say goodbye properly. Also, I wish we could see the Hurley reign of the island, I bet it was epic lol. Finally, may you rest in peace Jack are a true hero. He sacrificed himself for the greater good of not only the island, but he saved his friends and loved ones and basically the world. The ending with him laying down where it all started was amazing and very moving. I can't put into words how much I am going to miss this show.

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